Thursday, August 28, 2008

K-Dron: Finally Finished

After weeks of making the shape called a K-Dron, I finally managed to fold one myself. I make the shape again and again out of paper, finding out more and more ways to reduce the cutting and increase the folds. Eventually, I made a model that required only one small cut, which I knew that I could easily fix. However, there was ans still is a major problem with this model, one that I don't really know how to fix. No matter what you fold it with (unless you use sheets of thick metal, perhaps), it ends up not being able to stay closed on its own. This problem can be fixed in a non-purist way by using glue or tape, but I still would rather it done by folding alone. I didn't bother making a CP because of this.
To make the model, I first planned on how it would be done by making the faces connected to the correct places. Then I simply found a way to fold the basic outline from a rectangle, and added pleats to make slits so that no small cuts would be required. Here is a picture of my K-Dron:
K-Dron, Ryan MacDonell
K-Dron, Ryan MacDonell
I'm now planning on showing the shape to Tomohiro TACHI, because I am pretty sure that this model is possible using his origamizer program.

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