Sunday, February 26, 2012

On the Nose

I've been home for the past week for university "reading week" (spring break, whatever else you might call it) and I decided that, of course, I should try to design something. Normally I would think that and not follow up on it, but for some reason one night I had the idea to fold a giraffe from a pentagon. For some reason that struck me as a good use of a pentagon, seeing as one corner could go completely into making the neck while the rest could make the legs and body. The first attempt, as always, was a complete failure and I thought I would probably give up there. Oddly, I kept making one new attempt per day and the models gradually got more giraffe-like as I tried. Finally, the 5th try actually looked right so I went with it. Here is the CP:

It's pretty clear from the CP what each part is, but getting the details might be a bit trickier. The neck can be thinned to half the width and the front legs are made by a rabbit ear. The rest is just a question of closed sinks to thin the body as well as details on the head. The head took me a few drafts to be happy with, but if you look closely you can see that it includes horns and ears.

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So why did I title this "On the nose"? I'm writing this post from the airport as I head back to university. I was satisfied with the model as of yesterday, and only folded the final model this morning. In between finishing up assignments and packing, I didn't quite have the time to publish the model but I'm happy that I managed to finish it in time.