Saturday, September 5, 2015


Sometime around last December I decided that I wanted to fold a walrus. I've seen a several orgami walruses, but most that I remembered were either very anatomically correct or focused on only the face. My goal with the walrus was to make a cartoonish model that focused more on the volume. In other words, I wanted to make a ball of blubber with eyes, tusks and flippers.

I didn't have much time to design until near the Origami USA convention in New York, and during the convention I came up with something that I am happy with. Here is the crease pattern, which I should not will not lie flat:

Adding details after folding the base is fairly straightforward. All that remains is a couple thinning folds to the front flippers and tusks as well as some folds to bring out the eye flaps. The most important part is making the model round. This model was originally intended to be wetfolded, but unfortunately I didn't have any good paper for wetfolding when I made the final model.

Walrus, Ryan MacDonell

Walrus, Ryan MacDonell

This is one of a few models that I had time to design, so with any luck I should have time to fix up and post the others in the next month or so.