Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hurry Up, Olympics!

I've always loved sports in general, so its safe to say that the Olympics is a pretty big deal to me (after the FIFA World Cup, of course). I'm now finding that the Olympics are a lot farther off than expected, seeing as I'm no longer in high school and my summer break begins so much earlier!

I've had the idea to fold the London 2012 logo for the past couple months, and I started working on it over a month ago when I began my summer job. Unfortunately, I didn't have much motivation to work on it seeing as the Olympics aren't for another month; however, this weekend after folding a few more drafts I finally decided that the model was ready. I originally tried to use a windmill base, but I found that I didn't have enough paper to make the sharp corners in the logo. Instead, I ended up "blintz-ing" the windmill base to end up with this crease pattern:

Even with the extra paper to use for colour changes, the 2nd number 2 took several tries to get a decent result. I realized pretty early on that I wouldn't be making an exact replica of the logo, so I decided to focus only on the individual numbers rather than the layout of the entire logo. My result:

London 2012 Logo, Ryan MacDonell

The model itself is almost entirely free-folded with little to no references, a technique which always makes replicating the model interesting. Sure, I may be a bit early but this leaves me plenty more time to fold more model (Olympic or otherwise) as I wait for July 27th! I also realized that I didn't post an update on my "origami achievements" (which is mostly for myself to look back at), so hopefully I remember to do that in a couple weeks.