Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Just a Snake

I mentioned in my last post that I made it to the OUSA convention this year in New York. It's hard to say that any model in the exhibition was my favourite, but I really enjoyed Jared Needle's Beer. I've always loved designing models with a unique representation of a common subject, and I love to see unique models from other designers as well.

The trip to New York took around ~10-12 hours by bus, and unfortunately I found myself unable to sleep for the majority of the trip. I mention this because it was during the trip home that Hubert and I started talking about the bizarre bear with antlers. Seeing as antlers are thin and have several points, they aren't an easy addition to any origami model. Naturally, this lead to the challenge of adding antlers to anything and everything possible. I had yet to fold a snake for the year of the snake, so once I was back from the convention it didn't take my long to come up with this crease pattern:

My goal with this design was to efficiently make simple colour changed antlers from the corners of the paper. There is a lot of extra paper on the body, so I made colour change spots with a 22.5 degree stretch. With lots of 22.5 degree sinks on each of the antler points, I ended up with the following model:

Antlered Snake, Ryan MacDonell

Antlered Snake, Ryan MacDonell

As I mentioned earlier, the idea behind this model is to fold any subject with antlers added. With any luck I'll come up with a couple more models with antlers in the next few months (although I'm headed back to university tomorrow). I'm also hoping to see other bizarre models with antlers as a sort of informal challenge, but I can only wait and see what other people fold.