Friday, December 30, 2016

Simple solids

After folding a new-and-improved k-dron a year and a half ago, I was thinking a lot about folding closed 3D solids with flat faces in a similar manner. As a busy graduate student, I've kept myself busy over the past couple of months. The idea came up again recently and I decided to try something simple as a test. What simpler shape than a tetrahedron?

My idea was to try to use paper efficiently and equally for all faces and edges. Instead of having every face join at the edge, I opted to have all but one edge not touching. After some trial and error I found a simple lock from where two of the edges come together, as well as the reference for a 15 degree angle (which I have no doubt has been found before).

I'm happy with the result, despite the fact that the lock ruins the otherwise clean faces of the model. There is way to get the excess paper from the sides of the locking face to hold a lock behind it, but it doesn't hold as tightly. Let's just say the colour change on the lock means the tetrahedron could double as a snow-capped mountain or Christmas tree.

Tetrahedron and intersecting tetrahedra


Friday, February 19, 2016

Eight months to publication

When I was at the Origami USA annual convention last year, I had a lot more time than usual to design. Anyone who went to the exhibition might have seen my haphazard display that included "Walrus (designed last night)". I also spent some time doodling with other designers, and at one point a came up with something that looked fishy — in the literal sense. Unless you count the dolphin, I haven't really designed a fish that I've been satisfied with. The idea was very simple (based on a preliminary base), but with the original colour changes and the big sail on the back the original design didn't look like anything in particular. I wanted to make it into a marlin or a sailfish at the time, but I couldn't decide how to fix the colours. Here is the CP for what I'd come up with:

In the past couple months, I found out that my school has a new origami club so I decided to go and teach/play around with designs. I kept coming back to this designs, making an iteration about once a week. I was finally satisfied with the design just the other day, so I folded the final version to post online, looked at pictures of marlins and sailfish to decide which it was and realized it looked like neither. Luckily, realized that to make it look more like a marlin I just needed to add a ventral fin and change the tail colour and I had enough extra paper for both with the same base.


I would like to say that I'll get out the other ideas from OUSA soon, but clearly it might take a bit more time. In the time since my last post I transferred to a Ph.D. and became a student athlete so my schedule has been pretty full! Fortunately, having a local origami club gives me the excuse to make some time to design new things.