Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mike Wazowski!

This month on la forum francaphone (which just got a new look, and an new name), the challenge is Film Characters (rough translation). I couldn't think of what to fold this time, and I started off with Lumiere from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. That didn't work out at all, so I tried Mike Wazowski, the short green monster from Monsters Inc. My first ideas didn't work out, and eventually I just stopped with the model that I have now. It doesn't look like Mike, maybe it was him as a child. Here is the CP, based on a blintz fold and windmill base.
Mike Wazowski CP

The top and left edges are the arms, and the bottom and right ones are legs. All of the corners fold behind to make the color changed eye, except for the bottom right hand corner which makes the iris/pupil. As you can see from the pictures below, its not quite Mike, but I like it nonetheless.
Mike Wazowski, Ryan MacDonell
Mike Wazowski, Ryan MacDonell

Thursday, October 16, 2008

More Mythology: Now With a K

After reading about the Amikiri on a link, I couldn't help but make some proportional changes and such on the CP to add legs and a shorter body to form a Kamikiri. I started off by changing the top portion that makes the claws and beak from and eighth to three sixteenths. I then made simple legs with the bottom corners, and I had myself a kamikiri. There isn't much more to describe it, so here is the CP:
Kamikiri CP

You can tell how the claws are similar to the previous model, and how the legs were made. The two 22.5 degree angle squashes near to the bottom corners are necessary, because otherwise the outside flaps run into that part of the legs. I shouldn't be too hard to make, and the part where the arms connect should be the hardest part,the same as in the Amikiri. Good luck!
Kamikiri, Ryan MacDonell
Kamikiri, Ryan MacDonell

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Little Bit of Mythology

For this month on the origami forum (the english one), the challenge is Mythology. There is, as mentioned, very little difference between "fantasy" and "mythology". However, I still think there is a good challenge behind it, because fantasy can simply be made up recently, where mythology is something from stories from long ago. You have to find a mythological creature, but can make up one of fantasy.
Anyway, enough about the differences. Here is the CP that I used. Note the "trianglepleating" used to make the thin arms.
Amikiri CP

So what does it fold? I forgot to mention. While looking through Wikipedia's list of creatures from mythology, I found something called an "Amikiri", from Japanese mythology. It has a long plated body, a bird-like head and lobster-like claws. Its also known as a net cutter.
If you fold the CP right, you should end up with a base with the beak, arms with claws, and body. Then, with a little detail, you should end up with something like this:
Amikiri, Ryan MacDonell
Amikiri, Ryan MacDonell