Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Minimalism

Playing around with color changes has always been a lot of fun to me, because I like the idea of seeing the other side of the paper. Today I was just fooling around with dragon curves when I picked up a small square (did I mention that I have a little notepad with (formerly) about 1000 5cm squares? Very handy for testing small things on the spot.) and started folding, just to see what kind of things that I could come up with. At first, I couldn't think of much. I decided to fold the bottom corner up to the middle of the top edge, and then base the rest on 90° folds. Eventually, I ended up with this (3 folds, despite there being 4 actual creases):
Shopping Man CP

I knew it looked like something, but I couldn't say what. After turning it around a couple of times, I saw it: it was a hunch-backed man with a shopping bag, if you only looked at the colored parts. Of course, you can interpret it any way that you want to. If you fold with the colors inversed and use a background other than white, you could have a balding man with a moustache.
Shopping Man, Ryan MacDonell

EDIT: Three and a half years later, I keep seeing this design as a balding man with a moustache. As a result, I decided to fold it with the appropriate colours:
This might seem familiar...