Thursday, October 16, 2008

More Mythology: Now With a K

After reading about the Amikiri on a link, I couldn't help but make some proportional changes and such on the CP to add legs and a shorter body to form a Kamikiri. I started off by changing the top portion that makes the claws and beak from and eighth to three sixteenths. I then made simple legs with the bottom corners, and I had myself a kamikiri. There isn't much more to describe it, so here is the CP:
Kamikiri CP

You can tell how the claws are similar to the previous model, and how the legs were made. The two 22.5 degree angle squashes near to the bottom corners are necessary, because otherwise the outside flaps run into that part of the legs. I shouldn't be too hard to make, and the part where the arms connect should be the hardest part,the same as in the Amikiri. Good luck!
Kamikiri, Ryan MacDonell
Kamikiri, Ryan MacDonell

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