Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Last month, I visited plenty of places during my trip to Vancouver, such as the Vancouver Aquarium and Science World. Seeing as this month's challenge on the french origami forum is Postcards from your Summer Vacation, I decided to stick with something simple. My original ideas involved "Raven and the First Men" by Bill Reid, The Celebration of Light and the Planetarium. I didn't get anything for my first idea, and my second idea didn't really work. The Planetarium was possible, but rather boring and messy to fold. So I decided on a simple idea, which lead me to fold a jellyfish like the ones in the aquarium. Here is the (somewhat incorrect) CP that I used:
Jellyfish CP

I didn't put in all the lines, but you can see that the middle point (after the 11.25° lines are collapsed) is squashed into an imperfect octagon. Then the many points become tentacles.
Jellyfish, Ryan MacDonell
Jellyfish, Ryan MacDonell

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