Saturday, August 16, 2008

For the Olympics

Lately, I had the idea of folding one or more things from the Beijing 2008 Olympics. I decided to start off with what had all the popularity lately, swimming (seeing as Michael Phelps has been winning all those golds, he is up to 7 as of now). I started off planning on making a design inside a square so that the model features the swimmer and the pool. However, after folding it, I realized that there was no color change possible for the swimmer, unless all of the side were folded in, making the model need a huge piece of paper. I was thinking that maybe I could get away with a little non-purism and adding a flesh colored square to the center for the swimmer. However, I remembered Bernie Peyton's Swimming Polar Bear which gave me the idea for my current model. I made the model from a full 16:16 grid rather than a grid inside of the square, and made the excess paper into the water behind the swimmer. Here is my CP:

The trick is to use the same color background as the water side of the paper. Because I used tissue foil, I put a sheet of tissue paper on top of a sheet of foil as the background. The bottom points on the CP make the face, and the two others are the arms. The top edge is folded over to make a color change.
Swimmer, Ryan MacDonell
Swimmer, Ryan MacDonell

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