Saturday, August 9, 2008

A... Tessellation?

Yes, I finally dove (dived?) into the strange world of tessellations. I decided to have another go at folding a puff star, and this time I was much more successful than the last, and I started folding a whole bunch of puff star variations by adding closed sinks. Finally, I got bored of that and decided to try making my own unit. I started with the hexagon twist, made three open sinks, three closed sinks, and a squash to form a smaller hexagon. Then I repeated the whole thing again, and finally folded the sides of the third hexagon towards the center radially. This resulted in the following tessellation.
I decided to name this the Starflower Unit, because no only does it resemble a star and a flower, but also a tiny white starflower.
I don't think I'll be doing much more in the way of tessellations, mainly because I don't have nearly enough large pieces of paper. However, I hope to be able to use tessellations as textures on realistic pieces in the future.

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