Sunday, February 3, 2008


I decided to try and fold using a reference line, but I failed horribly in trying. what I ended up doing was folding one fifth a different way. However, I did manage to make yet another model. I think that my original idea for a design was a carrot, which I'll probably try again later on. Instead of a carrot, I ended up with a monster with 6 horns and a long, snake-like body instead of legs. I even managed to add eyes, out of what would have been the seventh and middle horn. Here is the CP that I ended up with. You should be able to figure out which lines are one fifth.
Monster CP

The lower body has to be folded with an angle bisector, otherwise that part won't stay flat. The arms aren't very long, either, and they won't do much other than sit right beside the body.
Monster, Ryan MacDonell
Monster, Ryan MacDonell

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