Sunday, February 10, 2008

CN Tower

This model I knew I shouldn't try to fold from a square, because of its height compared to its width. The CN Tower in Toronto is 553.33 metres tall. I was the tallest free-standing structure on earth for 32 years, and was only passed in height last year by a skyscraper thats still under construction.
The reason that i folded this id because of the french forum's challenge, buildings. This is a simple yet nice building to fold, and I needed to use a 3:1 rectangle to fold it. I divided it into 3 one way (The red lines on the CP below) and 10 the other (many of the black lines).
CN Tower CP

The model shouldn't be too hard to fold. The bottom part must be made into 4 parts sticking out, like you can see in CN Tower pictures. You can do this by overlapping 2 of the 10ths.
CN Tower, Ryan MacDonell
CN Tower, Ryan MacDonell

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