Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Year of the...

...Rat. Yes, folks, today is the beginning of the year of the rat, the chinese new year. Like last year, I decided to fold what the year is. Last year, as some may remember, I had just started boxpleating and I folded the pig. Now, this year, I started a topic on the origami forum titled Best of Show Rat Contest 2008, after what Wen Fu Kai called last year's challenge.
For this model, I decided that I probably wouldn't get much out of sitting down and making up my own CP (because I usually get something else...), so I decided to try "stealing" a CP, as Quentin Trollip called it. Also, instead of just searching for a model with the right amount of flaps, I went straight to Joisel's Rat. Here is the CP:
Rat CP

My rat is a bit different than Joisel's. I made mine to have a mouth out of the two flaps at the front, and I also made it walk on all fours. I'm pretty satisfied with how it came out. Maybe I'll try making my own CP later on.
Rat, Ryan MacDonell
Rat, Ryan MacDonell

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