Thursday, February 7, 2008

Egyptian Burial Structures

This month's challenge on the french forum is buildings. That is a pretty straight forward challenge, so I decided to go with one of the simplest shapes that resembles a building: a pyramid. I decided to make it using thirds, and then fold from the middle square to the center on the side. This ended up with a pyramid that is made from tall isosceles triangles. Then I had to make various locking folds for it to keep its shape. Unlike many Pyramids that I have seen, this one is open-top. Here is the CP that I ended up with. The grey lines are the optional locking folds.
Pyramid CP

This folds together at the top part, and I suggest folding the locking folds on one part, unfolding, fold another, unfold it and so on so that the models just snaps into place when you fold all the side up together.
Pyramid, Ryan MacDonell
Pyramid, Ryan MacDonell

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