Sunday, January 27, 2008

I imagine that it must be colder in Antartica...

It may be cold in Canada right now, but its probably a bit colder down in the coldest place in the world (even if it is summer there...). I started off trying to fold a pterodactyl, but it didn't turn out too well because I made the body a bit too big. Later on, I may try it again. But anyway, I started making the wings smaller with various valley folds and then had something that looked like the stubby wings of a penguin. This gave me the idea, and I continued by making the small feet and moving the head around a bit. But even before all that, I got this CP:
Penguin CP

The model did turn out a lot like an emperor penguin, even if it was supposed to be a prehistoric flying animal, and the only thing that I don't really like about it is the CP. It does take quite a bit of other folds after getting the base, but you should end up with something like this (that is, if you can figure out the CP):
Penguin, Ryan MacDonell
Penguin, Ryan MacDonell

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