Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy Birthday, or whatever else

Today, I went to someones birthday. The person having the birthday had some japanese foil, which he decided to give me because he only used it once. I'm quite happy with this, because I just happened to be low on japanese foil.
Anyways, I was thinking of what to fold this month as I do every month, and the birthday inspired me to fold a balloon on a string. Sadly, I didn't get to give him it because I left before it was completely finished.
Here is the CP that I ended up with. Rectangles make ball shapes quite well, so I used an idea that I was thinking of about a week ago. It's not exactly boxpleating, but its divided into 32 across. The red lines are reference lines, 1/2 and 1/4
Balloon CP

And heres what you're balloon should end up like. Enjoy!
Balloon, Cupcake Muffin
Balloon, Cupcake Muffin


shonen said...

this is cool, a simple and original design. You may consider twisting the "rope" of the balloon a little.

I would kill for some of that foil... ^^

Anonymous said...

your welcome man [for the paper]
if you cant figure out who this is your a retard.