Saturday, January 31, 2009

Top Heavy

This year is the year of the bull/cow/ox, so everyone's folding them! There is a challenge on the english forum, too, for the subject: Best of Show Bull Contest 2009. I have been working on my bull for a couple of days now, and at first I couldn't figure out how to fold it. I actually tried a few different ideas, and didn't get much at first. Then, I tried folding it diagonally, basing the legs on Noboru Miyajima's Ibex. It worked really well, except so much of the paper went into the head section that it ended up having a very heavy head. Below is the CP that I used. The square making the tail is en eighth from the center of the edge.
Bull CP

This model takes quite a few details, mostly on the head. It doesn't involve many combination folds, so I should be able to diagram it when I get the chance (now that I've finished exams). One of the most important details is swinging the front legs forward so that it doesn't just fall over on its head. The forward legs also give it the appearance of charging.
Bull, Ryan MacDonell
Bull, Ryan MacDonell

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