Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Finding Models Just Got Easier

At least on this blog, it did. I used to have a drop down menu that did absolutely nothing but tell everyone the names and chronological order of my models. However, after looking for a while on the internet, I finally found a way for the drop down menu to work for everyone! As it turned out, I just had to use the Javascript gadget that I didn't realize that blogger had...
Anyways, you can now just open up the menu (or open down...) and click a model, and it will go to the page where the model was posted! For the first two model that haven't been posted on the blog before, I've linked them to the old pictures. Now, if you ever want to find a model, just look in the menu. It may not be extremely efficient because there are so many designs, but its better than looking through the archive and guessing from the different post titles!