Sunday, February 15, 2009

Never Ending Up Right

It seems like I try to fold a model, and end up with something different that I wanted to fold anyway. This months challenge on the french forum is Flying Insects, and the challenge on the english forum is Sea Life, so I wanted to fold a flying insect and a crab. I started off making a Maekawa Devil based CP (using the 22.5° based molecules) with the intention of making a flying insect of some sort. After collapsing the CP, I found that the flaps wouldn't go in the right places to make an insect model. However, when I moved some flaps around, I had a crab! At least I got something that I wanted. Here is the CP that I used:
Crab CP

I haven't found a good folding sequence yet, and I doubt that I will. The CP takes a while to precrease and to collapse, but it has a nice result. The flaps from the top right and bottom left corners make the claws, and the long flap in the top right makes the nice bottom part of the shell. The bottom right section is actually the from of the model. As for the shell, it has to the squashed after you fold the CP, and that will create two more flaps beneath the shell section that become eyes. Good luck!
Crab, Ryan MacDonell
Crab, Ryan MacDonell


egg.origami said...

This is a very cute design!

I'll try to fold it someday.

Anonymous said...


I hope to see it once you fold it :D