Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The First Bit of Green

The challenge this month on the french origami forum is Perce-neige, which is the rough equivalent of snow piercer (Its also a type of flower, but I prefer the literal meaning). It means the first blooms in the spring, often before the snow has melted. When I think of that, I think of the first healthy-looking grass that pops up in the spring. I decided to fold that, and make it on a really small scale. At first, I wanted it to be flat, but I decided that 3D looked better.
Sprout CP

That if from a 32:32 grid, by the way, and it is made with the building block method that Shonen uses. I decided to make the main part 2 units (2 1/16ths) tall, and 1 unit pointing out to the side. This looked to me like some small and new blades of grass. To add the snow, I just folded the edges into the main piece, and folded some corners to lock it. Here is what I ended up with:
Sprout, Ryan MacDonell
Sprout, Ryan MacDonell


Anonymous said...

This is great, looks just like a little plant peeking through the snow. The color is perfect.

Sergey Filatov said...

In red color it will look like a heart thrown on snow. ))