Thursday, January 1, 2009

Its a... New Year!

It was hard to decide between this title and "I'm dreaming of a White New Year". We had a nice big storm, which I guess is still going, and it brought plenty of snow. However, its so windy now that you can still see some grass in places where the snow has been blown away.
It wouldn't really make sense to fold Father Time for the Old Year and no baby for the New Year. So, of course, I made both. I actually folded them both on the 30th, but decided no to release them until New Years eve and day. In case you don't understand, the baby (often with the new year written on a sash) represents the new year, so father time and the baby are often seen together. Here is the CP that I used, out of a 16:16 grid.
New Years Baby CP

There isn't much to the details for this baby. The left and right flaps are hands, the bottom left and right are feet, and the bottom flap is the diaper. There are 4 flaps above the diaper, and two of them are hidden, one under the other. The other two flaps make the face. The top part can be color changed to make the top hat, and then just make a couple flaps to make the brim.
New Years Baby, Ryan MacDonell
New Years Baby, Ryan MacDonell

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