Saturday, December 20, 2008

More Biologically Accurate

For some reason, I've been thinking about mushrooms lately. I wanted to fold one different for the others that I've seen folded before, with some more things that mushrooms usually have. Using what I learned in biology last year, I made a mushroom with gills underneath the cap, and with a simple stipe, annulus and volva. As with most round models with flaps, I had to use pleating. This is the CP that I ended up with:
Mushroom CP

After precreasing everything, simply overlap 1/8th of the side edges and fold. The gills should face downwards, so that they can be seen once the top us unwrapped to make the cap (which doesn't like to stay together...). Here is what you should end up with, or close to:
Mushroom, Ryan MacDonell
Mushroom, Ryan MacDonell


Diego said...

Very nice! Simple and original... By the way, all your models are very good, very interesting... thanks for sharing the CPs!

Brooke (-: said...

Uh... way cool. I'm a little bit lost on exactlly what the heck CP's are and what that giant line-ee graph-ee thingy is, but I have a clue. Looks awesome!

P.S. If you just came up with that in your brains, then you are an amazing artist! That's sooooo cool!