Saturday, December 20, 2008

Action Time

I can't remember whether I've ever managed to design a action model before (not counting the jumping frog with mouth), but I did this time. The theme this month on the english origami forum is Holidays, so I decided against doing what most of the other people were doing, which is Christmas themed models. I went with a random holiday, Easter, and tried to think of what represented it best. Of course, it was a rabbit (or Jesus dieing on the cross, but I don't think I'll try that just yet). It is quite a simple model, and the jumping system is made the same way as the traditional jumping frog. Here is the CP that I used:
Hopping Rabbit CP

It is quite a simple CP, and there is are a few more details that need to be added. The front legs need to be folded inwards and thinned, and the back section has to be thinned. with a bit of details of the ear and some rearranging of the head, you should end up with something like this:
Hopping Rabit, Ryan MacDonell
Hopping Rabit, Ryan MacDonell

And, of course, no action model would be complete without an action shot:
Hopping Rabit, Ryan MacDonell

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