Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yet Another Frog

Once again, I've folded a frog. Although the name of the model is Frog 2, I have also designed a pureland frog. After trying Peterpaul Forcher's Fox (Link to PDF diagram), I've wanted to try the head again elsewhere. I was originally thinking that it would end up as a dragon or something along those lines, but instead I ended up with a from after I squashed the ears and ended up with froggy eyes. I had seen eyes a lot like this before, on Tanaka Masashi's frog. However, his model turned out a lot better and the eyes came from a different part of the paper. Here is the CP that I used:

The body ends up a bit long after folding the CP, but it can be shortened up with some crimps. Some detail needs to go into the legs to make them frog-like, and the head needs to be made 3D in the same way as the fox.
Frog 2, Ryan MacDonell
Frog 2, Ryan MacDonell


Gerwin said...

Very nice, Cupcake :-)
With a bit of modification of this CP you should be able to create a Frog Prince with a colour changed crown coming from the corner.

Timo said...

Soo cute, I wish there would be diagrams as well and not only a CP (I tried to fold it after CP but failed miserably).

Anonymous said...

Thanks Guys.
Sadly, this is the kind of model that can't easily be diagrammed, because its boxpleating. I would diagram it if I could :)