Friday, June 13, 2008

What are Yip Yips?

Seeing as this months challenge on the english origami forum is Movies, I've decided on folding a certain animal from a children's movie, and I'm not going to say what just yet. I decided to start off small, so I tried making the cartoon eyes that I want for the model, and then decided to test them out on something else. My decision came when I noticed this picture of Yip Yips from the children's show Sesame Street while looking through origami cat models. Although the eyes are a bit big, I'm still happy with the result. Here is my CP.

The top 1/16th and the four 1/16ths on either side are all used to make the eyes. Only a little shaping has to be put into the body and the eyes, and the mouth can be made from a simple pleat.
Yip Yips, Ryan MacDonell
Yip Yips, Ryan MacDonell

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