Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I had been thinking of folding something for the OUSA design challenge this year, even though I won't be attending, but I only just got around to trying out models. Seeing as it is a limit of one model per person, what I would do (if I were exhibiting) would be to fold however many ideas I have, and then choose the best for the challenge. The rest could go on my personal exhibit, if I had one. I've decided that I won't bother sending models from now on, and that I'll only exhibit if I'm able to be there, mainly because of bad experiences with wrinkles and shipping.
I decided to base the model on 5ths, so that there would be 10 tentacles. I mainly just added 22.5° angles and squashed some parts from there, to get the following CP.

Then I figured out a way to make a color changed shell, and used the extra tentacle flap to make the eyes. The shell doesn't really stay together well unless you're using some way of making it stay, such as foil or glue.
Ammonite, Ryan MacDonell
Ammonite, Ryan MacDonell

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