Saturday, June 14, 2008


I had some ideas for fruit to submit to the Fruits and Vegetables challenge on the french origami forum, and I decided that its probably best to fold one more thing before exams begin (two days!). I decided to try folding a banana, and to base it on other origami bananas that I've seen, such as this one by Francisco Javier Caboblanco. I start off with excessive and complicated model, and eventually gave up and used a simple kite base. Even when the model is folded flat, it still has the "curve" of a banana.
Banana CP

The only real details needed are mountain folds behind on either and and by the peeled part, as well as rounding for the whole model. Good luck!
Banana, Ryan MacDonell
Banana, Ryan MacDonell

Because I just had to change the CP, and it may have been confusing some people, here are some diagrams.

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