Saturday, May 31, 2008

Simple End to the Month: Rabbit Head

Having just head Districts and Regionals for track (I didn't make it to provincials, I was four places away in the 3000m, in other words 8th), I didn't exactly get much time to fold. However, I still managed one model in there somewhere. Its quite simple, just a combined boxpleating and 22.5 degree angle model on a 4:4 grid. The CP made me laugh a couple of seconds ago when I noticed that I had made the whole thing upside down.

The ears are on the bottom and the nose is on the top. It shouldn't be too hard to get the details, only the nose needs to be widened and closed, the ears opened up and shaped and the bottom corners of the head folded behind.
Rabbit Head, Ryan MacDonell
Rabbit Head, Ryan MacDonell

(And for those of you still wondering: I was 12th in the 1500m, and last in high jump because of back pain, which means around 15th)

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