Sunday, May 11, 2008

Old Subject, New Model

Some may remember that the first model that I posted on this blog was a kiwi. Well, the kiwi is back, and this time he stands up on his own and he actually looks a bit like a kiwi! I decided to refold the kiwi because this months challenge on the engligh origami forum is "Life in Oceania", which is a challenge to fold one of the many special species from Oceania. Sadly, only Gauthier has actually folded anything for the challenge yet.
This model took me three tries to design. First, I tried it with a 3/4 blintz, and then twice with the feet from opposite corners. My second try with feet from opposite corners ended up being the best, even though the legs were massive. I just folded them underneath to deal with that problem. Here is the kiwi CP:

As you can see, my reference point this time is a 22.5° angle along a line folded from the corner to the center point. The tail part has two parts on the CP, but it doesn't really do anything. The head comes from the top corner.
Kiwi 2, Ryan MacDonell
Kiwi 2, Ryan MacDonell

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