Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Le Petit Prince

I recently read the book "Le Petit Prince" by Antoine de Saint Exupéry for the first time.I don't know about the english version, but I was greatly confused by the french version (and I did understand). It is possible to read it online, if you search, and you may want to go and do that now. I might give some spoilers by accident.
The whole story seems to be about a hallucinating man that can't draw (or so he says, although I like the drawings). I decided to fold the little prince simply standing, and wearing his scarf. You may notice that his scarf is almost always blowing in the wind, except for in one picture. For the CP, I used boxpleating (this doesn't mean that I'm returning to folding everything using it) and a grid of 16:16.

The legs are the bottom left and center, and the scarf is at the top right hand corner. The arms is where it starts to get weird. One arm comes from right below the scarf, and the other comes from the hair section. The hair has to be crumpled around to resemble the princes short and somewhat spiky hair.
Le Petit Prince, Ryan MacDonell
Le Petit Prince, Ryan MacDonell


Ocean said...

OMG! Awesome book! Movie sucks, but I loved the book... can't believe you made an origami doll of him, totally going to make it as soon as I can get my hands on a bigger piece of paper.

Eliza said...

That's so cool, when I saw the heading I thought would be impossible for it to actually resemble the little prince. I am in awe. . .