Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Traditional Frog, and Then Some

The other day, I had half a sheet of paper and I started to fold it, like I usually do. I ended up with some weird waterbomb base thing. I showed it to my friend, and he said "Now fold it into something". So, I started to fold and recognized what I was folding. It was the traditional frog, except with a mouth and different front legs. Over all, I like how the model ended up because it still jumps normally (except that the head is a bit heavier). Here is the simple CP, from half of a 8.5:11 paper (17:11)
Frog CP

Here is how it should end up. Theres not much to do after folding the base, just fold the legs and shape the mouth.
Frog, Ryan MacDonell
Frog, Ryan MacDonell

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