Friday, March 21, 2008

Holding a Crane

Today, I checked on the web news, and saw that there was something that I hadn't really expected: A video by Brian Chan and Jason Ku, called "Origami Ultimate Challenge". I might give some spoilers, so you may want to watch the video before reading any further.
Anyways, the very ending of the video inspired me to fold what I did, without realizing it. I started off by trying to fold a hand, and then I tried making that hand hold something. The first thing that came to my mind was a crane. I got to folding, and ended up with the following CP. A 4:1 rectangle works best.
Hand with Crane CP

As you can see from the CP, you can't add anything to the "end" of the arm, because the end is really the middle of the paper. If you fold the paper that leads up to the crane inside the arm that leads to the hand, you will get a better result.
Hand with Crane, Ryan MacDonell
Hand with Crane, Ryan MacDonell

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