Thursday, August 27, 2009

Photobucket Makes Me Angry

Why? Well, it seems that their former unlimited space for all users is now limited, and they've also decided to get rid of the old uploader function, which was the only one that I could use easily. The files on my camera are .JPGs, whereas photobucket only recognizes .jpgs... And their new uploading window comes up much wider than my screen.

Anyways, enough of that. I did manage top upload the pictures of my latest model, a fiddler crab, based on Brian Chan's model. Yes, another submission for the Complex model in less than 30 steps challenge. It seems that I had missed something in the rules, and step doesn't mean step for this challenge, so I had to withdraw my Ryuzin. Anyways, this abides by the rules and I based the legs on the legs of another contestant's scorpion. It actually doesn't have legs, just a supporting strip where the legs would be. Here is my CP:
Fiddler Crab CP

The claw section is pretty straight forward, all it needs is a bit of thinning and shaping. For the body, you can fold out the flaps on either side underneath and then shorten the length to make the legs. A bit of rounding a a pleat to make it a bit more 3D, and you end up with this:
Fiddler Crab, Ryan MacDonell

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TSKorigami said...

technically, there are over 40 folds in it.
Good job ^_^