Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Squashed Like a Bug

As mentioned in the previous post, the challenge this month is to fold a complex model in less than 30 steps. For my next model, I chose to try and fold a Samurai Helmet Beetle, based on the many models of the beetle that have been folded. I used Robert Lang's model for reference. My ideas started off with some simple pleats to make the elytra and the scutellum (the triangle) on the abdomen. After that, I figured out how to make the small and large horns, and up to that point the model was all flat. I figured that I would make it 3D when I added the legs, but I found a way to make the legs flat. I liked the result quite a bit, despite it not being how I intended it to be. Here the is the somewhat complicated CP:
Samurai Helmet Beetle CP

From the CP, you can see where the abdomen, thorax and horns come from. The smaller horns are just above the middle of the square. When you fold back the edges to make the two points, you can squash the underside part and then open it up to get eyes. You can sort of see them in the picture. The legs come from folding out the visible pleats. The forelegs are just valley folds, but the hind legs are each pleats, starting from under the body. The large horns are fairly easy to fold into shape, just by flattening the very top middle section, then thinning the long connector between the horns and the body. After you're done with the details, its best to fold the side and top edges behind to lock the pleats for the legs and horns. Also, where the pleats and on the bottom edge can be locked with small 45° angle folds.
Samurai Helmet Beetle, Ryan MacDonell
Samurai Helmet Beetle, Ryan MacDonell

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Joseph Wu said...

Nice idea and good execution.