Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Too slow

Just yesterday, I figured out that this months challenge on the french forum is Windmill base models. I started folding something right away. At first, I was trying to get a bird of some sort, and then I was just doodling. Eventually, I ended up with a bird that has no name other than "Bird". Because the final CP isn't really based on the windmill base, I've decided that it can't be part of the challenge (deadlines are a bit less important on the french forum). Here is the CP that I ended up with:
Bird CP

You can see that there is quite a bit to the model. The middle of the model is crimped at 45° angles and the bottom section forms the feet and tail. The top is the two wings and the head. After folding the base, you can do a lot with the head, such as make it into a beak or funny crest. It may take a while to fold from the CP, but hopefully it is still possible!
Bird, Ryan MacDonell
Bird, Ryan MacDonell


Anonymous said...

the subject "windmill base" is open in french forum.

Cupcake said...

Yes, but it isn't really from a windmill base anymore. It ended up as boxpleating.