Monday, June 22, 2009

Aromatic ⌬⏣

Benzene is a pretty important compound in the study of organic chemistry, but you shouldn't drink it. However, you can fold it if you like, which is exactly what I did. I wanted to fold some more chemistry related origami, so I decided to try benzene. I started off by making a hexagon and making a hexagon twist in the center to make the circle that represents the modern delocalized view that we have thanks to Kathleen Lonsdale. Here is what I ended up with:
Benzene: Lonsdale Structure, Ryan MacDonell

No CP, because the explanation is all that you should need. It was free-folded anyway, so theres no real measurements.
Next, I decided to try the older structure of benzene with alternating double and triple bonds. This was Kekulé's structure, and is still commonly used for many drawings of compounds. On the BKChem program on my computer, this is the structure used when drawing an aromatic compound. I folded 3 sets of pleats from the center and then folded at the edge in those three spots to make a line. This might be a little harder to understand, but the picture should help.
Benzene: Kekulé Structure, Ryan MacDonell

Hopefully I'll be able to use these to make other origami structures in the future.

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