Saturday, June 27, 2009


Every year, there is a design challenge at the OUSA annual convention. This year, the subject is nonhuman great apes, so everyone is busy folding gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees and bonobos. I originally wanted to fold a bonobo because of there unique look, and almost achieved folding one. However, I ended up folding a gorilla instead. The base is quite nice and can be folded out of this CP:

I'm quite happy with how the gorilla ended up seeing as it was meant to be a completely different ape. The collapsed based already looks apish, and could probably be used to make a chimp or bonobo. To make a gorilla, you just need to move the legs so that they're facing down, and then shape the face and body and add details such as hands and feet. Here is what you can end up with:
Gorilla, Ryan MacDonell
Gorilla, Ryan MacDonell

By the way, I'm leaving for Québec for five weeks tomorrow morning, so I will still be designing but won't be able to publish my designs until I get back.


Roberto said...

Great gorila
Its wonderfull
Eres demasiado fértil en producción
yo he visitado tu página frecuentemente, y ahora que he vuelto tienes demasiaos neuos modelos

Anonymous said...

excelente diseño , tienes el diagrama?
Felicitacione spor tu blog
osvado Diaz