Sunday, June 14, 2009

All Wet

I've wanted to fold a molecule for quite some time because I love chemistry so much. At first, I was thinking of folding something like Asprin or methane, but decided on something much simpler to start with: water. Its not often you see water as the subject for a model. I have seen it as a background and many things that come from and live in water.
Here is the CP that I used. It is fairly simple to fold, but don't get the order of the folds mixed up.
Water CP

To start off, you have to fold the model in half horizontally and then fold up two corners for color changes. After that you can make the other folds to get to the base. The details are quite simple because you just have to round the "spheres" until you get something like the common Van der Waals spheres models of water. Here is what I mean:
Water, Ryan MacDonell

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dcb said...

Fantastic molecular theme origami model, I love it. Great work!