Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another Spiky Animal

I'm not really sure how I came up with the idea for this. I guess I was thinking about the different hexpleated model that I had seen, and I started to wonder about octpleating. It turns out that octpleating really is possible, but isn't very practical if too much is used. The CP below is probably as far as you should go, unless you want something like a sea urchin (which are actually folded way too often, I find). After spending quite a lot of time trying to collapse the model, I finally figured it out. The way that it collapses ends up with two legs and a whole bunch of points. I turned the two points in the center into a head, and the rest became spikes. Here is the octpleated CP that I was talking about:
Porcupine CP

It isn't too impressive, but its a pain to collapse. Precreasing isn't too hard if you fold 22.5° radially from each center point. When collapsing, you have to collapse it all at once, slowly. Eventually (with a bit of trial and error), it should fold flat to the size of the center section. Thats the magic of crease patterns.
Porcupine, Ryan MacDonell
Porcupine, Ryan MacDonell

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