Saturday, November 1, 2008

Back to the Horseshoe Crab

I didn't get to fold many things last month, as I had a pile of things to do. I am now a member of my High School Volleyball and Basketball team, and I had to write a few essays and do a few projects. Hopefully I'll be able to get more done, especially seeing as I have a project on the mathematics of origami coming up.
I finally decided to go back to the old horseshoe crab, because I never did give it any legs like I said that I would. I started out basing my model diagonally on thirds, but that didn't give me enough legs. Then I tried fifths with the same idea, and ended up with nice model that has all ten legs. There are a lot of details left out of the CP.
Horseshoe Crab 2 CP

This crease pattern just shows how to make a base with all of the legs, but no distinct head of tail. Either end can make either, and they aren't hard to make. The head has to be shortened up and pleated so that the points on either side can be formed. The abdomen and telson has to be thinner, and the telson (tail) can just be made one third the size of the abdomen. A mouth can also be made with the paper between the legs, by folding four 45 degree angle folds.
Horseshoe Crab, Ryan MacDonell
Horseshoe Crab, Ryan MacDonell

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