Sunday, November 23, 2008


This month, the challenge on the english origami forum is Video Games. Seeing as I can't remember playing many video games in the past, I decided to try folding a Pokémon. I didn't even know that Pokémon still existed until I saw some recent models on flickr of what people claim are some, but didn't look like anything that I remember. The only Pokémon that I remember were the original red and blue versions. Actually, come to think of it, I remember some more but those first two were the only ones that I ever played. I lost interest before emerald, sapphire, ruby, etc. came out. I guess that I just figured that it couldn't still be going, but I was wrong. I don't have a CP for this model, mainly because the base is so simple.
To make the Kakuna (which I've always found strange, as it is the cocoon between a caterpillar and bee stage) , just make half a windmill base using the two two corners. It should end up looking somewhat like a house. The top corners become eyes, and the rest of the model is just details such as all of the pleating on the body. Try to make it look something like these pictures:
Kakuna, Ryan MacDonell
Kakuna, Ryan MacDonell

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