Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lest We Forget

November 11th in Canada is Remembrance Day, the day that we remember all of the soldiers who went to war for our country. Every Remembrance Day, we wear a poppy. I felt that this year I should try to make a poppy such as the ones we wear, so last night I started folding. I used a Kawasaki twist to make the black center, and then folded the sides in beneath the twist to make the red petals. I then made it into a octagon shape and added curves. Here is the CP:
Poppy CP

The square twist has to be done first, and I suggest precreasing the folds into the center before actually finishing them, because one of the corners has to be tucked inside so that each part overlaps another part, and the center shows through correctly. The corners can be folded in with an inside reverse fold, and then just fold curved pleats from the center and lock them.
Poppy, Ryan MacDonell

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