Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And Another Rat, too

It seems that I like to repeat subjects, but not the way that I fold those subjects. I end up with the same things over and over, but they are never done the same way.
I had decided to try using the Maekawa 22.5 degree angle arrangement (as I like to call it), like what I used on my Moth. This time, I wanted to base it on the diagonal. Also, I decided to make two squares using boxpleating. At first, I made a cat out of the base, but yesterday in class I tried folding it twice more, and the second time I ended up with a rat instead. When I folded it out of two-colored paper, i found that there could be a color changed tail. Here is the CP:
Rat 2 CP

The CP doesn't really get you very far, but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out. The head is probably the hardest to make, and after that the back is pretty strange without the right shaping. Folding the point of the body up to the halfway point the right way to go. Hopefully it isn't too strange. I hope to make diagrams, anyways.
Rat 2 CP, Ryan MacDonell
Rat 2 CP, Ryan MacDonell

And heres a refolded version:
Rat 2, Ryan MacDonell

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