Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rabbit on the Moon?

Sorry for the "long" break there. It turns out that grade 11 teachers really enjoy the idea of homework...
I actually never though about the different things that you can see when you look at the moon, until I was staring at blankly at the french forum challenge topic at the start of this month. It turns out that this month is "Le Lapin de la Lune", which means (roughly) "Moon Rabbit". I soon found out that, in quite a few regions, people used to look up at the moon and see a rabbit (rather than "the man on the moon" often seen today). I couldn't really figure out what I should make to represent it. Eventually, I decided on using color changes to represent the rabbit. Here was my result:
Moon Rabbit, Ryan MacDonell
Moon Rabbit, Ryan MacDonell

The model is completely based around the ears. The rest of the model us simply pleats and folds, with another pleat to make it round. The pleat forms the rabbits cheeks, and you can then use the end of it to make a nose.

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