Saturday, September 8, 2007


The idea of folding a moose actually came to me today while I was talking to gauthier, from the french origami forum. It was when he asked "what are you folding now?" that I thought of it. I replied "Nothing, but I think that I'll design a moose" (then he said "all your folds are original". Orignal is moose in french, and original is original). I don't really know how I was inspired by this, but I ended up with a model that I really like. The CP took a couple of tries to get certain areas right, but I eventually came up with this, from a 32:32 grid:
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The model, if folded properly, should end up something like the following pictures.
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origami madness said...

Very cool! Moose are hard to pull off right-- it takes some knowledge about spacing; which you have, given the number of boxpleated models that you've been turning out.

Just one quick question: how did you do the hooves? I've always had trouble making box-pleated hooves look realistic (I'm thinking specifically of Wolf's centaur that I attempted a few months ago, unfortunately out of printer paper)

Anonymous said...


Do you see the spots around the feet, where theres 3 or 4 units left without any diagonals (try looking in the bottom corners)? I open those out and curl them around to make hooves. I think its different from what Wolf does, though.

Wolf said...

As far as I can remember, the hooves were just formed by crimping the ends of the feet, and then the crimped areas rounded out. The extra units were used to form fetlock hair.