Thursday, April 17, 2008

More Color Changes

Another thing that I discovered recently using the same idea as my Tetris model is that you can make a color change spiral using the squash-and-valley-fold color changing technique (like on my Christmas Tree model). It is a rater boxy spiral, with all of the angles at 90°, but it is nevertheless a spiral. The CP for this model wasn't too hard to draw, mainly because it is a pattern, but that pattern might somewhat hard to pick out. I've used a red line to show the main part of the pattern.

As you can see, the red line runs diagonally starting at the corner, and then it turns 90° at the center and goes half as far, and then half as far as that, and so on. It also connects to a box, which is one quarter the size of the last one each time. The way to fold this is to start with a preliminary base with 3 flaps facing one way, and then a valley fold through the flat part to make the color change. Then all you need to do is use the corner flap that is sticking out and do the squash-and-valley-fold color changing technique. Then repeat again with the corner flap that comes out of doing that, except be sure to squash in the top space. I hope that helps!
Color Change Spiral, Ryan MacDonell

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