Tuesday, April 22, 2008


This month, the french forum gave a very interesting challenge. The challenge is called "Chauvinism" (which is believing that your group people, such as race or gender or whatever else, is better than another group of people). Normally, chauvinism isn't usually very nice. However, the point of this challenge is to fold whatever makes your country, province (state), city or wherever you live special.
I may need to explain why I chose a cow. First of all, I've lived my entire life in a house beside a farm, which is owned by my family. It is a dairy farm, so there are a lot of cattle, and also some cats which I'm responsible for. However, cats aren't really what makes where I live special. The "place" that I live in is known regionally for being small, too small to be considered a village. There are quite a few farms in this tiny space, though. That is my reason for folding a cow, because of all the farms that are nearby.
The CP, as you will probably notice, is a bit weird. The top left-hand section is made by folding a 22.5° angle from the bottom corner, and the bottom right-hand section is made by pinching from the bottom corner to the corner of the top section, and then from the bottom corner to the pinch.

From there, different parts of the model can be color changed with a simple wrapping around of some layers. Sadly, I didn't get any color changes near the back, and I wasn't able to include udders either.
Cow, Ryan MacDonell
Cow, Ryan MacDonell

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