Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays

Seeing as the holidays are fast approaching, I had to do my part by folding that Christmas tree that I wanted to fold. I didn't quite get as many decorations on it as I would have liked, but it came out incredible cleanly folded. In fact, this is one of my first times with tissue foil that I didn't really mess any of it up with wrinkles. The model also came out incredibly simple, but thats okay.
Christmas Tree CP

The little things in the corners can be however big you want them to be. They are the little ornaments. It is possible to make it with more ornaments, but I really like how this ended up.
Christmas Tree, Cupcake Muffin
Christmas Tree, Cupcake Muffin

And this year, as a late Christmas gift, here are the Diagrams.

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Anna said...

Good idea, very original!